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PMU POD Play Box

PMU POD Play Box

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PMU POD Play Box - Ideal for practice boxes on workshops & Events.

Order a refill only if you already have your box, or box plus contents.


1 x White PLAY BOX Box (optional)

10 x samples of PMU Reel Skin

2 x HQ 1RL

2 x Defenders 1RL

2 x Micropmu Nano 0.22

2 x Quelle 3RL

2 x Quelle 5RS

2 x Quelle Magnum

1 x Flexi Grip

1 x Light Brown Premium China Marker

1 x Dark Brown Premium China Marker

2 x Wash Samples

5 x Microbalm Pillow Packs

10x Sticky brow rulers

10 x PMU POD & PMU Circle Chocolates

Box dimensions:

Inside: 28.5 x 29 x 8.5cm

Outside: 30 x 30 x 9cm