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We all know how important it is to have the skin in tip top condition pre tattooing.

This Lip Prep Kit is ideal to retail to clients to ensure lips are smooth & hydrated prior to your treatment. Ensuring the lips are in good condition prior will make your treatment easier, resulting in a trouble free, beautiful finish :)

The kit will last them post tattooing also so double up as aftercare and prolonging that freshness to the tattoo.


Kit includes:

1x Membrane PhotoScrub Lips - Phytoscrub nourishes, hydrates and exfoliates gently and thoroughly, revealing silky soft, healthy lips.

1x LipLock 2g - THE BEST CHAPSTICK YOU'LL EVER WEAR! Membrane LipLock is a very special formulation designed for the extremely sensitive tissue of the lips. It should be used daily for the maintenance of lip health, but is critical for use following lip micropigmentation.  It is vital that artists understand the complexity of the lip tissue as it is constantly broken down by saliva.  Saliva is the first step of digestion and reacts with tissue just as you would expect. (Please note colours may vary)

1x LipBlend exfoliating wand -Perfect to xxfoliate. dry and chapped lips. Used with the photoscrub, these will help to keep lips soft and supple. Once the tattoo has healed, clients should continue use to keep colour looking fresher for longer.